From Wikipedia: The Red Dirt Album is an album by Stoney LaRue. It was released in August 2005. The song “Down in Flames” was co-written by Brandon Jenkins recorded on his 2004 album, Down in Flames. The song “Forever Young” was written by Bob Dylan and recorded on his 1974 album, Planet Waves.  Source link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Dirt_Album

Track Listing:

“Down in Flames” (Stoney LaRue, Brandon Jenkins) – 3:52
“Closer To You” (LaRue, Scott Evans) – 3:10
“Idabel Blues” (John Cooper, Clark Peaden) – 4:25
“Downtown” (LaRue) – 3:54
“Solid Gone” (LaRue, Ray Wylie Hubbard) – 3:03
“Walk Away” (LaRue, Cody Canada) – 3:37
“Texas Moon” (LaRue, Wehmeyer, Wood, James) – 4:11
“One Chord Song” (LaRue, Bob Childers) – 3:07
“Bluebird Wine” (Rodney Crowell) – 3:59
“Let Me Hold You” (LaRue, Mike McClure) – 3:39
“Forever Young” (Bob Dylan) – 4:32

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